Running retraining and biomechanics

Looking to optimise your running performance, treat and prevent injuries, or prepare for a sporting event?

A podiatry biomechanical running assessment is designed to identify abnormal foot biomechanics.

We can help identify risk factors for injury through way of thorough history taking, joint range of motion testing , footwear assessment and a running examination via treadmill video gait analysis.

Potential treatments can include:

  • Stretching and strengthening program to improve soft tissue compliance and stability

  • Footwear advice to ensure your foot is exposed to safe degree of ground reaction force

  • Strapping and padding to temporarily improve foot function and settle acute injuries

  • Potential intervention with pre-fabricated to fully customised foot orthotics if required.

  • Advise on how to improve walking, jogging and running to decrease injuries, pain and increase performance.  Tips on foot placement, stride length, loading the foot, knee position and pelvic position are part of the treatment protocol.

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